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Simply Conversations

posted Aug 05, 2013 18:01:49 by robragozzine
Simply Conversations airs Sunday at 9PM EST / 8 C. It explores how everyday conversations helped people to finally listen to their heart. What has your heart been asking for? What has it been guiding your toward?

Many of our conversations help us all deepen our relationships with ourselves, our heart, friends, family and community. Your words do matter. Your words build connections. Your conversations help you to recognize your place in the world. Your conversations help you to see where your presence is needed. Where are you called to be? What are you called to create?

When you fully hear yourself speak about your values, dreams and desires, you realize your presence matters. You realize your own power for transformation. We can do great things. Your conversations can inspire you to make seemingly small, but often quite powerful, changes in your life. Ultimately, these changes can end up radically altering the way you live.

Simply Conversations provides the opportunity to hear about these life changing and transformational stories. Join our conversation each week as we open the door to inspiring and courageous people. Whether they are young, old or somewhere in between, their work helped them to transform and it ultimately helps to support, heal and grow their communities.


We chatted with therapist, mother and activist Rebecca Burton. Rebecca has only been involved with community outreach events for a short period of time, but her experience has helped her to shift her life and learn more about herself.
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robragozzine said Aug 11, 2013 22:41:21

Guest: Cheryl Shelton Hendricks.

Cheryl is a wife, mother, youth mentor, spiritual counselor and minister. We discussed some of her personal life challenges, her experiences along the way and more. Cheryl has spent most of her life, not only as a teacher, but also as an avid student and is always looking for ways to learn more. Now she is looking for ways to self-empower others and bring what she has learned to them
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robragozzine said Aug 19, 2013 17:47:39

Guest: Susan Norgren

She is a loving wife, mother, medium, massage therapist, channel, radio host and author. We discussed some of her personal life changing experiences. Although Susan has passed through many life altering challenges, she feels that her empathic abilities have been nurtured because of many of the challenging situations that she has experienced in her life. Susan feels and believes that she is called to help others with their problems and challenges and has written several books to help others heal, including books dealing with healing, change, and tarot.
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robragozzine said Aug 25, 2013 22:55:10

Guest: Martine Joseph

Martine has explored many different personal paths, living across the country and exploring a range of career options. An important change in her life now is becoming an author and video journalist. She recently released a new book which is filled with inspiring and uplifting quotations. She is also a contributing author of the upcoming new book for women and their true stories as they search for peace. Martine is also currently at work on other new books and videos based on her own past books and A Course in Miracles.
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robragozzine said Sep 09, 2013 23:17:31

Guest: Beth Terrence

Beth is a shamanic healer, author and blogger. She shares inspiration and information with others on social media and at her blog. In her healing work she incorporates several different modalities, including Bach flower remedies, Zero point balancing and more. Beth believes that part of her own growth as healer was facilitated by health issues in her early twenties that helped her to follow a path into holistic care and well-being.

She says, “I would say what I like most about my offerings is that I support others in exploring themselves on a deeper level, having transformational experiences and cultivating tools that them to know themselves on a deeper level, which I see as a key to change and growth.”
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robragozzine said Sep 15, 2013 22:37:09

Guest: Karen Kubicko

Karen Kubicko is an author, healer and past life explorer. She believes and teaches that by exploring your past lives you can heal phobias and long standing issues. As you explore you can learn more about yourself and your current life.

Karen Says,
“When you remember a difficult past life, you can experience catharsis. Catharsis is a fancy word for the process of releasing and thereby providing relief from repressed emotions. This is how you heal. The healing is so deep, I believe it is done on a soul level.”

Connect with Karen:

Guest: Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller works within in the court system helping to rehabilitate people who committed crimes to feed their drug addiction. She is also a shamanic practitioner, health coach, and food psychology coach. Debbie is also the author of: Recipes for Success: Eating and Moving Your Way Towards a Tobacco-Free Life, which she created in an effort to help support a youth tobacco cessation and peer educator program.

Debbie says, "Look inside yourself because all the answers are there. Be true to yourself, and be that change you wish you to see in the world. If we all do our part in the change, the world could be a happier and friendlier place to live. I would also tell people to reach out for support and never stop taking responsibility for your own health and your own life."
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robragozzine said Sep 30, 2013 19:32:11

Guest: Ken Jaques

Ken Jaques is an inspirational health awareness speaker and teacher. Ken is passionate about empowering people through transformation, and to live life with no regrets. Ken, is on a mission to help our communities become healthier. He feels that just as he is passionate about his message and what he’s talking about, there are also many people that believe the same things. There are many individuals that understand the message. He believes real transformation will happen when we start getting like-minded citizens together in a much more community-focused, big picture approach.

Ken says, “The power of the mind – how we really underestimate it. Moving away from a ‘western medicine’ style approach of looking at the body as solely a physical entity, reconnecting with the mind-body-spirit connection, and remembering the body’s ability to heal itself if we create the environment for it to do so. A side effect of remembering all of this is that we will heal the healthcare system.”
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Donna-DeVane said Oct 07, 2013 17:47:09
robragozzine said Oct 07, 2013 18:46:54
Guest: Roger Banyots

Roger is an active member of his community as a broadcaster, helping to form a local POMC branch and serving as a local basketball coach for over 20 years. His focus on coaching was on the children and letting them become familiar with the game by simply playing, rather than whether they won or lost. Over time his basketball program became very popular, and grew and expanded to become one of the best attended in the region.

Roger is also an intuitive who has been learning about himself and his abilities for his entire life. He’s recorded his own intuitions for almost 40 years. Due to the loss of his brother, and other circumstances, he disconnected from his intuition for a period of time, but is now actively pursuing a deeper exploration of it for himself and to help himself and others through a book or other forms of teaching.
robragozzine said Oct 13, 2013 23:55:37

Guest: Janet Roper

Janet Roper is a speaker, blogger, spiritual director, author, animal advocate, and internationally known animal communicator. She has made contributions to numerous magazines, books and TV/radio programs. She is also host of the weekly Talk 2 the Animals Radio show, which It’s a focuses on building the animal-human bond through animal communication.

Janet has always fascinated by relationships. Whether it is the relationship between humans and their pets, a person and a higher power, or musicians and their instruments, I have studied it in an attempt to understand it and help the person deepen those relationships and achieve harmony.

Janet says, “I believe everyone has this ability to communicate with different species.”

Since training to communicate with animals Janet has helped people and their animals balance, tune and deepen their relationships through individual consultations. She hosts fun and unique parties to help people relax and become comfortable with truly talking with their animal friends.

Janet says, “In this remarkable, captivating world, we can not only talk to the animals, but we can listen to what they have to say, and begin to see the world from the animal’s point of view. Are you astonished to learn your animal companion (living or deceased) eagerly awaits the chance to converse with you and may have messages for you? You’re not alone. Most people are not aware of the bridge that exists between the human and animal worlds, much less how to traverse it.”
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robragozzine said Oct 20, 2013 03:06:13

Guest: Sandiee Peters

Sandiee Peters is an author, radio host, medium and inspirational speaker. Sandiee is also a NDE (Near Death Experience) survivor. which has helped to open up a whole new way of being in life for Sandiee. This experience opened a deeper connection to spirit and enabled her to communicate with those who have passed.

Sandiee has experienced many challenges in her life such as poverty and serious illness, and even death itself. She says that she is a survivor and someone who deeply believes there is no mountain to great to climb and no dream you cannot achieve. But, Sandiee believes that everyone has the ability to live a happy fulfilled life, despite any challenges along the way. This comes through in everything she does, including her conversations with others, her writing and her intuitive readings.

Sandiee says, “I’ve learned to maintain a positive outlook on life. Sometimes you do not need to climb the mountain, simply remove it from your path. Smooth doesn’t necessarily mean empty…believe you deserve a better life and it is yours. There is a lesson in all the directions and landscapes of life.”
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robragozzine said Oct 28, 2013 02:10:57

Guest: Mel Scholl

Mel Scholl is a healer, addiction counselor, coach and inspirational speaker. She is also an empathic personal guide with the strong desire to deeply connect with her clients.

Mel focuses on helping other women find what she has found. Whether women need help around their substance abuse or want to live to their full potential through abundant and empowered lives. She helps clients to identify their restricting and limiting beliefs. She then helps clients to change and transform these beliefs to positive affirmations, create a passionate vision for their lives and develop tools to manifest this vision. Mel says, “I believe the best advice I can give is to look for people who can guide and support you on your journey.”

Find Mel at:
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robragozzine said Nov 04, 2013 04:16:22

Guest: Tracie Nichols

Tracie Nichols is a mentor, facilitator, poet, writer, speaker, advocate and change maker. She is dedicated to helping survivors find life and laughter in their lives.

Tracie offers ongoing individual mentoring sessions tailored to the individual, with a strong focus on helping you to feel connected, confident and empowered so that you’re fully able to reach your own goals and stand on your own.
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robragozzine said Nov 11, 2013 04:05:39

Guest: Steve Rosen - aka "Sgt. Steve"

Steve Rosen is a fitness advocate, trainer and author. After undergoing a dramatic health transformation, Steve now focuses his time and energy to continue to help himself and others to make their own life changing transformations with their health and fitness.

He talks about how perfection is not achievable. He now works out himself because of how exercise and physical fitness has enhanced the quality of his life overall. Steve says, “I no longer feel like I am walking through the mud wearing concrete shoes. Anxiety and depression have faded away. I feel more energy and a sense of positive anticipation for the future.”
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robragozzine said Nov 18, 2013 23:42:04

Guest: Dr. Robyn Benson
Dr. Robyn Benson is a graduate from University of Virginia, and is a doctor of oriental medicine (DOM). Robyn has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. She’s an active world traveler, parent, and sought after speaker.

Dr Robyn educates Robyn_Bensonand assists people to live vibrantly in everyday life. She recommends developing overall health awareness. She says, “Be your own best self-care advocate, and take responsibility for your health.”

Robyn is also founder and director of Santa Fe Soul in New Mexico, which opened in 2005 and is an alternative and holistic health center. The center holds many different events, and offers over 40 types of services, and 25 health care practitioners.

Robyn combines energy medicine woven together with traditional Chinese Medicine. She currently specializes in women’s health, preventative and family medicine. She also offers a variety of other services including acupuncture, herbs, and IV therapies.

Find her:
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robragozzine said Nov 24, 2013 21:16:46

Guest: Dr. Steven Fox

Dr Steven Fox is a private-practice clinical psychologist, and author, with a deep interest in dreams and healing. Dr. Fox has helped clients look at personal patterns. He has a strong interest in the subconscious, and the work of psychologist Carl Jung. He’s also experienced with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adults, child), and dream interpretation. He incorporates Jung’s concepts into his work, including the shadow, archetypes, active imagination and dream work.

He says, “Dreams point out how and why you are not being effective.” He helps his clients to recognize the important a of dream interpretation, as it often leads to deeper insights which can be collaboratively integrated into your life.
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