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posted Jul 20, 2013 20:43:39 by Donna-DeVane

Listen live every Thursday 11 AM C, Noon E
I'm going all out there with the energy behind and of the news.. those headlines which plunge so many of us into primitive mindset where there is nothing but emotion.. that fight or flight reaction which is used to manipulate humanity into compliance and blindness to the reality of what is being created and why. I will continue to cover the "big Mountains" on Political Insights, but now will give you my views on the news a few times each week.
As always you are invited to join me in the chat and on the air. Read the show page / blog for this broadcasts.

Get ready for some live video streams soon too. I'm going all out with Awakened Radio.. no more holding back.. we are, as a good friend of mine used to tell me, "cooking with gas"!
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Donna-DeVane said Mar 24, 2014 17:51:55

Author, teacher, life coach & radio broadcaster Donna DeVane high lights some insights into the power of mindset. Not only does mindset affect your life.. but the whole of life experience of the planet.. and cosmos! Join Donna live each Sunday 8 PM Eastern at
Donna-DeVane said Apr 02, 2014 00:44:29

Donna DeVane talks about a Drone she saw in rural Alabama and how our forgetfulness leads to all these experiences and conditions we say we don't like. Remembering who we are is the answer. Join in live Sun 8 PM E
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Donna-DeVane said Apr 09, 2014 20:30:11

Author, teacher, life coach Donna DeVane talks about the excuses we use to justify our failures and not living our dreams. It's time for No More Excuses! Join in the conversation each Sunday night at 8 PM E
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Donna-DeVane said Apr 23, 2014 14:35:42

Author, teacher, mentor, radio broadcaster Donna DeVane shares insights around "old energy" with a story about a 20 year + journal she found in her bedroom. Why do we hold onto the old pain, thoughts, beliefs & what role do they play in our right now? You just might be surprised at the answer. Join Donna live each Sunday 8 PM Eastern at & look for her on YouTube too!
Donna-DeVane said Apr 28, 2014 16:24:10

Author, teacher & broadcaster Donna DeVane takes a bit of a different view on news headlines. Rather than blaming "them" how can we take responsibly & change it all?
Join the live conversation each Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern
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Donna-DeVane said May 08, 2014 18:46:15

Will the FCC be responsible for our paying even more for "good internet" sites or blocking sites entirely? Listen to Donna DeVane's take on it and what we can do. Join in the live conversation each Sun 8 E
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Donna-DeVane said Jun 09, 2014 17:50:15

None of it could be happening without our consent.. no matter what it is! Donna DeVane shares on topics of news, headlines & geo-politics each Sun 8 PM E or listen through TuneIn app
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Donna-DeVane said Jun 16, 2014 20:08:53

The problem in our world is the result of a whole bunch of humans who have forgotten they are Divine. Join me live Sun 8 PM E
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Donna-DeVane said Jun 21, 2014 15:51:00


Are "they" really doing something to "us"? Our beliefs that we are so powerless that they can do anything to us is at the heart of the world's problems. How can we BE the difference? Join author / host Donna DeVane every Sunday 8 PM E
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Donna-DeVane said Jul 19, 2014 16:40:29

Donna DeVane and Rob Ragozzine have a bit of fun talking about the concern of aliens from other countries taking our jobs. What's the energy behind this? Join Donna each Sunday 8 PM E to make a bit of sense out of the news.
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