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Donna's Views On News Archives

posted Jul 20, 2013 20:43:39 by Donna-DeVane

Listen live every Thursday 11 AM C, Noon E
I'm going all out there with the energy behind and of the news.. those headlines which plunge so many of us into primitive mindset where there is nothing but emotion.. that fight or flight reaction which is used to manipulate humanity into compliance and blindness to the reality of what is being created and why. I will continue to cover the "big Mountains" on Political Insights, but now will give you my views on the news a few times each week.
As always you are invited to join me in the chat and on the air. Read the show page / blog for this broadcasts.

Get ready for some live video streams soon too. I'm going all out with Awakened Radio.. no more holding back.. we are, as a good friend of mine used to tell me, "cooking with gas"!
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Donna-DeVane said Jul 20, 2013 23:27:43
Ok boys n girls.. got the new show page up. I set the show page up like a news blog. So cool.. getting so much done today. I'm cooking with gas.. Check out the new show I'll be bringing to the air soon here.
You can comment here or on the blog/show page. Notice how I set up a comment box under the last post. Cool beans. I'm making it easy for you to connect with me.
Donna-DeVane said Jul 21, 2013 15:18:06
I'd love to hear from you what's the main topic of conversation in your circle of friends? What's top on your list of why this? I'll do a show if you'll give me your ideas. Like all my shows, you are invited to join me in the live chat room and call in. I've provided a place for you to stand up, speak out and be heard. Now it's your turn.
Donna-DeVane said Jul 22, 2013 19:20:57
I plan to cover some hard hitting topics starting with the first broadcast. It's your opportunity to stand up, speak out and be heard. Will you join me? The more of us who stand together the easier it is for others to wake up to the "big game" being played. Your turn.. will you take it?
Donna-DeVane said Jul 29, 2013 17:54:54

Trans-humanism, DU, DP, being caught up in the reaction.
Read the show page for more information and videos on this broadcast.
Donna-DeVane said Aug 01, 2013 14:42:04
Time change. Sunday 7 PM C. Join me for a conversation on Your Economy.
Donna-DeVane said Aug 08, 2013 14:51:23

What is up with the Tiny Houses and Clown Cars? Are we being acclimated to living smaller, poorer? I'll have none of it. Listen to the archive to find out how to keep living full and free. Join me each Sunday 7 PM C to take part in the conversation.
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Donna-DeVane said Aug 09, 2013 15:22:39

Geo Engineering, Fracking and Such.. Forced Evolution
Have you read my show blog yet? It's got audio/video and text about what I'm talking about on the air. There is also a comment box there for you to respond to the topics. Each week I gather headlines and share them with a twist.. I invite you to join me. Got a head line you'd like me to discuss on air? Let me have it.. give me the link here.. I'll research it.. and you can even join me on the air to discuss it.
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Donna-DeVane said Aug 26, 2013 15:14:40

On today's broadcast I discuss designer babies, codex and my daughter being terrified by deputies for walking home from the post office. To read more about these topics and watch the associated videos Click HERE
Donna-DeVane said Aug 26, 2013 17:44:25

Is this "intervention" into Syria another big fat lie like the one that got us into Iraq? Could be.. also this week I discuss the problem of joblessness, homelessness and even share a SOLUTION that could be implemented by the communities and churches.
Donna-DeVane said Sep 11, 2013 16:27:23

Terrorists threats from Americans?
Give a listen and leave a comment
Donna-DeVane said Sep 16, 2013 14:24:27

Willing Victims. That's what I'm talking about. How through choosing to accept authority, beliefs, religion and government.. humanity keeps itself enslaved to poverty, fear and horror. We CAN Make different choices.. it's a perfect time to do so.
Donna-DeVane said Sep 23, 2013 16:47:02

Today I get really honest about how we are not seeing changes because we are NOT changing. We talk a good talk, but the walk isn't showing it. I share some personal experiences as a station owner and host about "spiritual teachers" who don't GET IT. It's Time NOW for us to live what we are teaching. Join me each Sunday night 8 PM C
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Donna-DeVane said Oct 06, 2013 23:09:16
Sunday Oct 6th, 2013

What opportunities await you in the midst of whatever mess you are presently in? Is there an "up side"?
It's all about perspective and tonight I discuss how to find those opportunities and how to use them to create the change you want to experience. When things start falling apart it's a sure sign it's time for some new creative actions. Let's go.. woo hoo
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Donna-DeVane said Oct 21, 2013 15:28:01

What would happen if rather than identifying with the color or our skin, the country we live in, the religion we follow, political party we associate with, or the flag we pledge to.. we just decided to Be Human?
What would that be like? If the gender, body size, sexual orientation, amount of money we had in the bank was Not how we found our worth, how would our world be different?

I don't pledge allegiance to a flag. Not because I don't love my country, but because it's an idea that keeps us separate from one another. Same reason I don't wag my beliefs in front of others in order to set myself above others. When I go to the town hall meetings each month I don't say the Lord's Prayer either. I stand respectfully as others do, that's their right. I haven't done it since I was in jr. high school.

Before someone starts bashing me at being unpatriotic let me make a few more statements as to why.
Read the whole blog HERE
Donna-DeVane said Oct 28, 2013 15:10:09

Even now humanity creates through emotions, as though this were how we are "supposed" to do it. We are taught from childhood to react to what has already been created and try to change what's already in form. What if there is a better way than reacting and using emotions to bring about new experiences? What if I could teach you this way? Would you be interested in knowing and practicing?

While the world is focused on emotions such as fear, anger, worry, hope, and love.. nothing new is created. We are not creating as True Creators.. rather we are using the emotions to bring forth reactions that what already is. When I talk about going within to create.. I am giving you insights and hints into remembering who you are and how to do it.

I've promised a swim in the deep end of the pond.. and that's where we are headed. Join me for my radio broadcasts for new exercises, games and ideas in how to Be the Master You really are.
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