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Your Unfolding Senses

posted Mar 20, 2013 00:31:03 by robragozzine
Each week on the show we'll be discussing intuition. Please join me every Thursday at 10 PM EST to discuss tools, methodologies, research, news, events, and techniques, such as meditation, that can help you to feel more grounded and thus better able to access your intuition.

You can also join us via Skype, chat, or phone call and ask questions about recent dreams, personal experiences or anything related to connected with your senses and developing a deeper connection with your intuition.

Together, we'll be exploring ways to actively pay attention to intuition, through all of you senses, especially as it relates to our physical bodies. It's really about finding enjoyable and fun ways to explore our lives, through exploration of tools and techniques, such as Numerology, dreams, meditation, art and personal practices that can help you begin to clear away the noise and static of everyday life and allow you to better connect with your senses.

Much of our work is really about paying attention to the messages you’re already receiving. When you begin to regularly connect to all of your senses, you’ll realize that they are a rich source of personal information. We’re all intuitive! But, you're often just focusing on one particular sense. You might be trying to live intuitively, but expecting your messages to come in one form. Yet, you may receive through hearing, smell, touch, taste or even some other way.

We’ll look at how you can use your senses to deepen your connection to yourself and the world around you. You can use your senses to intuitively live in the modern world, rather than trying to hide or escape. You can be discerning and logical, but still allow for your intuition to have an important space in your life. If you let it. your intuition can be a powerful ally, no matter your primary use it for, such as simple decision making, health and healing, relationships or long range planning.

Intuition is not just about knowing, but also involves actually believing, seeing and sensing the life you desire and living from that perspective. In this way, you help to help to shape the future for yourself, family, community and ultimately the world.

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We talked about dreams, compassion and finding ways to express the message of the dream. What does the dream want for you?

Some interesting research:
A new study shows for the first time that certain nutrients may play an underlying role in short and long sleep duration and that people who report eating a large variety of foods -- an indicator of an overall healthy diet -- had the healthiest sleep patterns.

Eat to dream: Study shows dietary nutrients associated with certain sleep patterns


Click HERE to listen

We talked about love, relationships, shadow and compassion this week. Loneliness was also discussed. Can you make time to sit with your loneliness and see what it's really connected to? What needs to be expressed in your life?

Some questions to ask about the shadow in your life:
What have you rejected?
What have you shut off/out?
What role are you playing?
What have you patched over?
Where have you become robotic?
What are you addicted to?
What are you ignoring?
Where do you take on extra burdens?
Where do you hold your tongue?
Where do you hold back?
What do you not share with others?
Where do you feel safe to express your sexuality?
Where do you feel safe to express your rage?
Where do you feel safe to express your joy?
Where do you show up for others, but not yourself?



Compassion Click Here to listen

If you missed my show tonight, I talked about compassion. Without compassion for yourself it can be difficult to connect with your emotions and be able to be aware of your intuition and the messages it sends you.

I discussed a few practices that can help to develop compassion, such as doing a visualization/meditation and imagining that you're sending compassion to yourself for just 5 minutes a day. You might try this for a month and see what happens. After you've been working with this exercise for some time you might begin to send compassion to someone in your family, or a friend, or coworker that you have an issue with.

2/28/2013 Click HERE to Listen
The show this week was about the Tarot. Almost everyone is familiar with the Tarot. You may have at least seen them on a television show or in the movies. However, those portrayals don't actually show the cards as approachable and helpful. The Tarot actually can be a powerful personal introspection tool, in addition to its use as a divination tool.

Some basic helpful guidance:
Keep a Tarot journal
Dialogue with your cards
Don't be afraid to "outside the box" and define their meaning for yourself
Ask questions

Some good questions to ask:
What feeling do I sense in myself when I see this card?
Am I attracted, repelled or neutral about this card?
How would I feel if I were living in this card?
How would I feel if I dressed like the characters on this card?
How do these people talk?
What do these people like to do for fun?

The Tarot is composed of Major Arcana (22 cards, with archetypal characters. These cards showing up typically represent an archetypal pattern in your life. ) and Minor Arcana.

The Minor Arcana cards are composed of 4 suits.
Cups - Typically the cups represent emotions, bringing balance to relationships, expressing and being heard.
Wands - Typically wands can represent need to be passionate, sensual, joyous and celebrating life.
Swords - Typically the swords may represent a need for stillness and quiet, to step out of the chaos, to be kind to yourself and others/compassion.
Pentacles - Typically the pentacles represent being centered, grounded, calm, and rational. Money and material goods can be indicated too.

The Intuitive Challenge for this week:

03/07/2013 Click HERE to Listen

The show was about intuition and relationships, especially relationship with yourself. By learning to be in relationship with yourself, you can be better connected to the world around you. Are you paying attention to your dreams? Do you listen to your heart? Do you make space in your life for silence, so that you can hear your own inner guidance?

With the arrival of spring, you may wish to plant new seeds and delve into some new practices to foster a deeper connection to your heart. This might involve starting a mindfulness or meditation practice, journaling, exercise or beginning to work with your dreams. Ask yourself where you feel guided. What wants to wake up in your life?

Secret object for the night:

Being kind to yourself article:

3/14/2013 Click HERE to Listen

The show this week is about recognizing the guidance that your emotions can offer you. It will be about connecting with your emotions and recognizing their importance in your daily life.

There are tools and techniques available that can help you before you encounter an obstacle and get stuck in the “deep emotional mud” of a particular personal experience. Your emotions can serve as an early detection system and guide you away from feeling immobilized, trapped or stuck as you begin to pay more attention to them.

Secret Objects for Intuition Challenge
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robragozzine said Mar 22, 2013 14:04:44
Click HERE to Listen
The show was about the importance of centering yourself. By finding practical ways to step out of the static of your daily life you can feel stronger, grounded and calmer. You'll be prepared to emotionally, mentally and physically handle issues as they arise, rather than trying to ignore or deny them. Mediation is one of your most important tools for centering and grounding. But, activities such as simply walking barefoot on the grass can help you to feel centered and relaxed.
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robragozzine said Mar 30, 2013 00:39:49
3/28/2013 Click HERE to listen!

This show is about habits, patterns and addictions. We all keep returning to these habits, even though we've told ourselves that we're going to let them go, move on, live in a different way, or change. How is this habit blocking you from connecting inward to your intuition?

Beginning to find the right tools can help you to step away from these situations. Meditation, journaling and working with stones and crystals can help. Also, having compassion for yourself is vitally important, especially as you look at stepping away from your patterns. Much of this is about looking at our attachments and your beliefs.

You might ask:
What are my beliefs around this habit?
How does it serve me?
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robragozzine said Apr 05, 2013 23:03:36
4/4/2013 Click HERE to listen

This show focused on the shadow. When you begin to acknowledge the information our shadow provides, you begin to reclaim your life. When you’re able to honestly face the truth, both good and bad, hidden within your shadow then you can begin to fearlessly and courageously live your life. You’ll have little need for shame or hiding.

The shadow is basically composed of anything you’re not willing to face about yourself. At first bringing yourself to face your shadow sounds a little scary. But, with compassion and patience you can begin to untangle the knots in your life your shadow tends to create.The knots your shadow creates limit, constrict and immobilize you over time. As your shadow grows and develops you become less able to be fully present in your life.

You’ve been hiding away parts of yourself for a large part of your life. Now, its time to reclaim those parts. Since childhood you’ve learned, or have been told, certain actions or behaviors simply aren’t appropriate. Whatever seemed wrong, bad or inappropriate you psychologically tied up, boxed up and buried deep within the “underground” of your unconscious mind. For instance, you might have been told it wasn’t okay to cry or pout and you began holding back related emotions and feelings.
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robragozzine said Apr 15, 2013 17:46:29
4/11/2013 Click HERE to listen

This show continued the exploration into looking at our shadows.
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Donna-DeVane said Apr 20, 2013 14:50:42
robragozzine said Apr 21, 2013 22:17:46

This show focused on creativity and healing. Whatever method you choose to be creative, you can work with creativity to change, heal and develop your intuition. Creativity can allow you to step into a space similar to meditation. It allows you to find stillness and quiet time as something new unfolds into the world. I enjoy working with paints, pens, and oil based crayons, but you might work with something else, such as clay, stone, glass, metal or other materials.

Secret Object for the night:

Healing practice – Tonglen
robragozzine said Apr 27, 2013 02:08:52

This show continued exploring creativity, and featured several meditations to help you connect with your passion and creativity. Creativity can allow you to step into a space similar to meditation. It allows you to find stillness and quiet time as something new unfolds into the world.
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robragozzine said Apr 30, 2013 03:31:30
5/2/2013 -

Anxiety and Fear
This show explored tools and techniques for reducing and releasing anxiety and fear. I discussed some simple techniques to help lower stress levels.

Chronic stress can play havoc with our immune system, causing fluctuations in cortisol and the levels of other hormones as well. But, there are ways we can bring our stress under control and help our bodies realign.

Stressed people tend to sleep fewer hours than they should, and then feel sluggish during the day and try to compensate with coffee, power drinks and high carbohydrate foods. And to make things worse, stress causes us to burn fewer calories and cortisol can actually reduce the body’s ability to properly use the fat we already have stored for energy.

Becoming more aware and mindful of your patterns can help you to turn self-defeating patterns around, allowing you to live more with more awareness and allowing you to make better personal choices.

Intuitive Challenge - Secret Object
Connect with your intuition to determine the identity of this object.

Tonglen Healing Meditation

Health benefits of the drum (from Remo and Robert Lawrence Freidman)

"The hand drum has been used for thousands of years in celebrations, rituals and ceremonies."
"Some of the psychological applications in which hand drums are being used include assisting veterans to release the emotional pain of post-traumatic stress disorder, releasing the pent-up anger and negative emotions of "at-risk" adolescents, and promoting health in corporate executives through releasing their day-to-day stress, in addition to many other applications."

Ted video on Fear

Here's a neat video that explores our choices and how fear motivates us to make them. Karen Walker talks about how a group of shipwrecked sailors made choices for survival.

(Nikolas Christakis)
We're all embedded in vast social networks of friends, family, co-workers and more. Nicholas Christakis tracks how a wide variety of traits -- from happiness to obesity -- can spread from person to person, showing how your location in the network might impact your life in ways you don't even know.

"Imagine that I am connected to you and you are connected to others and others are connected to still others. It is this fabric of humanity, like an American patch quilt. Each person sits on a different-colored patch. Imagine that these patches are happy and unhappy patches. Your happiness depends on what is going on in the patch around you,"  ~ Nicholas Christakis

"Through providing a channel back to our deeper nature, the drum concurrently provides those who use it with a link to others. The drum seems to have the capacity to unite all individuals who choose to experience it together. Despite race, religion, color, creed, background, or ideology, all are joined together through this ancient instrument's calling. The drum, therefore, becomes a vehicle for transporting all who utilize it across boundaries, to an experience of wholeness and community" ~ Robert Lawrence Friedman
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robragozzine said May 10, 2013 23:41:45
[/embed] This show was an interview with Susan Larison Danz. Susan has her own show called ‘Frontier Beyond Fear’ ( on Blog Talk. She’s also an active twitter (@bridgebldr) and facebook participant. We talked together about life practices, courage, being comfortable with ourselves and tools that we can use to self-reflect, such as walking, Tarot and meditation.
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robragozzine said May 12, 2013 19:35:42
Moving out of anger

At some point in our lives we’ve all reached a point when our efforts seemed fruitless. You may have wanted to scream out in agony and give up, move on and forget about whatever you were trying to achieve. Or, you may have been so angry and outraged that you wanted to smash whatever object was in front of you at the moment.

When you are caught up in anger, you’re paying so much attention to the anger that it’s easy to be completely disconnected from the world around you. Your focus narrows, and you may only be able to see the problem (or a small part of it). Possible solutions evade you, as anger draws you into a circumstance that feels isolated, closed, uncontrollable and stagnating. You feel alone. Nobody else has this problem.

Your anger separates you from yourself and the rest of the world. However, by learning to allow yourself to see your emotional reactions clearly, you can be better able to see how restricting and damaging anger can be. Ideally, you will want to find a way to notice your anger and the reactions surrounding it.

Think or your anger as a warning sign that you’re about to veer off your path. See how it typically tends to come up. Notice how you feel when it does come up. Also, notice how often you feel unfulfilled or dissatisfied when it shows up. Finally, notice whether your first tendency is to express or withhold it.

You’re angry for a reason. Anger is not always a “bad” emotion to experience. In many situations anger is beneficial. If we are being taken advantage of anger can motivate us to take action to correct the situation. If you are veering away from your desired life, then anger can serve as a warning to reverse course and find a way to lead a life that matters and resonates with your heart.

Some questions that might be helpful:

What do I typically do when I am angry?
Do I typically hide or stuff my anger inside?
Do I let others know when I am angry?
Do I shrink away from the anger of others?
Am I aware of how my anger is triggered?
Am I willing to work with compassion to heal my anger?
Am I willing to ask others for help?
Am I willing to journal about my anger?
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robragozzine said May 20, 2013 01:12:37

Topic: Tarot

This show focused on the use of Tarot in your daily life. I discussed starting to learn about Tarot by doing single card readings.

Some questions you might want to ask as you do your single card readings:
How can I ask for support?
What is my heart calling for?
What guidance do I need now?
Is this choice for my greater good?
What do I need to know now?
What do I need to know about this person?
What can I learn from this experience?

I usually recommend that you initially scan through your deck before doing your first reading.
Get to know your cards. Be comfortable with them. When you’re ready to do a reading it's helpful to find a quiet and comfortable space where you can slow down, settle your mind and have time for reflection.
Meditate or sit in silence for a few moments to connect with your heart and its guidance. Then shuffle your deck and choose a card or cards.

When you draw your card you might ask some of the following questions:
Why did I get this card?
Does the card remind me of a past experience?
Does the card remind me of a scene from a TV show or movie?
Does this character represent someone in my life?
How does this card make me feel?
Which characters are you attracted to/repelled by?
What emotion does this card bring up?
What books, poems, movies are you reminded of?
Do you notice any particular smells, sounds, tastes or textures?
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Donna-DeVane said May 31, 2013 12:58:18
robragozzine said Jun 04, 2013 05:54:12
This show was about Sacred Geometry. I discussed the basics of working with sacred geometry, labyrinths, and crystal grids. Working with Sacred Geometry can be as simple as starting to notice the shapes and colors in your world, and then incorporating the shapes and colors you enjoy into the clothes you wear, art you create, and the objects you decorate your home with.
robragozzine said Jun 04, 2013 05:56:53

Special GMO Awareness show
This show was a special interview of Debra Cohen, who is active in the GMO Awareness movement in Connecticut. I talked with Debra about being more aware of the foods that you're eating and buying. Simply by making important choices in the supermarket you can bring about changes in the way in which your food is grown and produced.

Debra talked about various links for GMO awareness. They are listed here:
iPhone App - ShopNoGMO -
GMO Free CT facebook page -
GMO Free USA -
Non-GMO Shopping guide - Click here - offers free iPhone app for shoppers’ guide

Contact Debra at:

Stop The Crop & The World According to Monsanto -
Food Inc.
Generic Roulette
Seeds of Destruction
Seeds of Death

Other Organizations
The Institute for Responsible Technology
NOFA – association of organic farmers
Union of Concerned Scientists

How to boycott - "The Art of Boycotting", by Debra Cohen
1. Gather all the facts you can about a product by contacting the company – ask direct questions about whether or not their products contain GMOs

* visit their web site or facebook page – may or may not relevant information here
* call their customer service number
* send inquiries via email

2. If your fact gathering gets you a “yes” answer on GMOs, cease buying the product and call/write the company to tell them you will no longer buy their product AND WHY. Also tell them you will share your intentions with others.

3. Share your boycott of specific products with the store manager where you shop. Tell them WHY.

4. Make requests for specific non-GMO products that you want your store to carry. Tell them WHY.

--- --- ---
Sample letter of inquiry to inquire about GMO's:
I am writing to ask if (insert name of product) is free from the following GMO ingredients:
Soybeans/soy products
Sugar from sugar beets
Corn/corn products

If this cannot be stated on your labels or proof provided in some other form, is it safe to assume that GMOs are included in your products? I will appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible and share your response with other concerned shoppers.


--- --- ---
2nd letter - for follow up

I must contact you again to ask a question and make an additional comment. First if (insert company name) is sure of the safety of GMOs in its products, why do you hesitate to add a statement on your label that informs customers that the product “May/does contain GMOs”? If there is no safety concern, there should be no reason not to be up front with consumers on what they are being offered.

In addition, your statement that there is no need for labels because the FDA, USDA and EPA have all declared these altered ingredients to be safe is an insult. The number of people working within these agencies who have ties to Monsanto is staggering. Taking their word for the safety of GMOs is very much like taking the word of a burglar who is half way through your window that he’s only out for climbing practice.

I look forward to your response and will share it with the many individuals and consumer advocacy groups who are looking for truth in advertising.

Most sincerely,

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robragozzine said Jun 07, 2013 23:23:03

This show was a continuation of the first Sacred Geometry show on 5/23/2013. I discussed incorporating your crystal grid into Feng Shui. By working with a Bagua Map you can begin to heal issues that are important to you. I also talked about working with through any painful or difficult emotions or memories that come up as you do your own work.

Working with Sacred Geometry can be as simple as starting to notice the shapes and colors in your world, and then incorporating the shapes and colors you enjoy into the clothes you wear, art you create, and the objects you decorate your home with.

This show was about Numerology and the Life Path number. The Life Path number, which is based on your date of birth, is a reflection of your path in life. It's often reflected when you ask yourself what you want to do with your life. You begin to live up to it's potential when you start to pay attention to the activities and events that your heart is pulling your towards, regardless of whether there is a potential to make money doing it. It's about expressing something within your heart that needs to be expressed.

Learn more/Calculate it here:

Body Language

This show was about understand body language for personal and communication purposes. You can get your message across more clearly by taking on a stance of confidence and self-acceptance. If your words and body language are in congruence then people will be more likely to have acceptance for your message.


MBSR and Body Scanning
This show introduced the technique of Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). It's a technique developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn to help reduce stress and teach people to be mindful of their bodies.


The topic of Your Unfolding Senses for July 11th is silence. Many people today simply don’t notice the details of what’s going on around us, because we let ourselves get caught up in the static of everyday life. There are many very positive benefits to silence. Making time for silence can allow your mind and body to slow down and rest.

We don’t spend any time thinking about the problems that noise creates in our lives. First, noise limits our ability to communicate effectively which leads to other issues, such as physical and psychological stress. Noise and especially noise over 30 decibels is associated with high blood pressure, anxiety, and stress.

Finding ways to reduce and eliminate the noise in our lives is then very important. Silence can help you to reduce your stress and lower blood pressure. There are many simple meditative and breathing techniques that can help you to better step into silence and welcome it into your life.

Intuition Challenge
Can you connect to your intuition to identify this famous historical person?


Paleo lifestyle - This show was a special interview with Kathryn Koss of Primal Bliss Nutrition. We discussed the paleo diet and it's impact on personal health. You might think of this way of eating as a lifestyle rather than a diet. Successfully eating this way involves consciously choosing foods that are minimally processed.

Ideally, in the long run with more people eating minimally processed foods there can be a potential higher demand for natural farm raised, antibiotic free, and grass fed livestock which can shift the use of harmful
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