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posted Feb 23, 2013 15:21:22 by Donna-DeVane

Wisdom Way is not the new name for this broadcast. is just for our Wise Women & Men to come together & share what's on our hearts & minds. We women have a different strength.. a different power.. it's time for us to use it to create a different world. Wise men join us on the air & in the chat too. Together we will walk the way of wisdom. Join me each Wednesday night 7 pm C in the [url=]chat room.
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Donna-DeVane said Feb 23, 2013 15:24:11
2/15/13 I discussed pain, hurt in our experiences. What do we do with it? Click HERE to listen.
Donna-DeVane said Mar 02, 2013 15:50:55
2/20/13 Wise Women is joined by Susan Bagyura as we discuss GMO, politics, relationships, spirituality.
Click HERE To listen
Visit Susan's website click HERE
Donna-DeVane said Mar 07, 2013 15:42:55
3/6/13 I am joined by Catherine Rannus for the healing power of her music. Click HERE to Listen
Donna-DeVane said Mar 21, 2013 13:36:18
3/13/13 Click HERE To Listen
I've added a new name to this broadcast. Now it's Wise Women Wise Hearts. Where in the past it's been for women only to call in, I am now inviting men and women. Now & again I will announce a women only, but for the most part, it's open to all.
This broadcast I discussed how we created this mess & how we can actually Do something Different.
Donna-DeVane said Apr 01, 2013 16:07:56
3/20/13 It's all in the Perspective Click HERE to Listen
Donna-DeVane said Apr 08, 2013 14:52:52
4/3/13 Click HERE to Listen
How do you use your magic? We are all powerful beyond measure.. what decides how we use this power?
Donna-DeVane said Apr 16, 2013 22:28:15
Donna-DeVane said Apr 16, 2013 22:30:58
4/10/13 Click HERE to listen

Brennan Huls joined me to discuss GMOs, chemtrails, medicine & other topics affecting our health. Join me live each Wednesday night in the chat room
Donna-DeVane said Apr 20, 2013 13:55:14

Click HERE To Listen

I am totally delighted to have Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on the Awakened Radio airwaves as a guest on Wise Women Wise Hearts. She spent almost an hour sharing her wisdom, courage and experiences with the listeners. She also promised to join us again soon for a full two hours. This woman inspires me to stand up & speak out, even if you are the only one doing so. We can all learn a lot about living empowered lives by her example.
I'll keep you updated on when she will be on Awakened Radio Network again.
Donna-DeVane said May 13, 2013 14:22:39

Wise Women Wise Hearts brings Thrival Energy Principles to the world. Why continue to compete when it limits our experiences? Rather let us learn to co-create so that our individual & shared experiences are much more to our liking. Join me each Wednesday night in the chat or call in.. be part of the message going around the globe.
Donna-DeVane said May 22, 2013 12:21:14

Donna DeVane, The Barefoot Guru, shares insights into the way of life. Life expands to experience more of itself. The seed you plant create a harvest for you to experience.
Join Donna each Wednesday 8 pm E
Donna-DeVane said May 29, 2013 14:14:59
It's all about the energy. That's been my theme song for many years. How does what you are doing FEEL? What does it feel like? Often we take actions from a place of desperation and miss the feeling of what we are doing. That energy you are creating with will always be the energy of what you create. Every time... all times.

The reason I host this broadcast is to give us women a place to come together and really talk about what we want to experience, how we've used energy without understanding and how now, we can create on purpose a life we really desire to experience.

That's the bottom line for me. I've done the "balanced" living ca ca. You get about as much wanted as unwanted stuff. That's survival.. I desire Thrival. Join me, bring your voice, your wisdom to the airwaves. Together we co-create Thrival .. for all of us.
Donna-DeVane said Jun 15, 2013 13:25:29

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Donna-DeVane said Jun 19, 2013 13:22:20

Money is at the top of everyone's list of what is wanted and more often than not, what is hard to get. On this broadcast I share some of my struggles & AHa moments around the energy of money. Creating with the same perspective.. the same energy.. just keeps you in the same place. What is beneficial is a new understanding so that a new experience can be created & experienced.

Join me each Wednesday night 7 PM Central time in the chat room at [url=]
Donna-DeVane said Jul 04, 2013 15:10:33

6/25/13 We've got more changes coming to the station and they are connected to the real changes we need to make in our own lives in order to make changes in our world. We say we want change so now is the perfect time to do just that. Change starts with each of us. We must realize that fighting against what is outside us doesn't work.
Creating something different for us to experience begins as each of us changes our-self.
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